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Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellow Fin Tuna

Global Island one of leading tuna Exporter in Sri Lanka to around the world. Yellowfin Tuna are among the larger species of tuna, their long yellow fins distinguishing them from other tuna species.

As a leading exporter of Tuna from Sri Lanka, Global Island offers a diverse range of Tuna subcategory products to clients around the world. Our Yellowfin Tuna, a larger species of Tuna identifiable by their long yellow fins, are highly sought after for the raw sashimi market.

At Global Island, we prioritize the quality of our Tuna products and maintain strict control over the freshness and temperature of our catch, from fishing vessels to factory and throughout production. We adhere to the highest microbiological and organoleptic standards, conducting testing on product samples from every batch of production and consignment.

Our factory operates under a HACCP management system, ensuring that our products meet the necessary health and safety regulations. Additionally, our staff regularly undergoes training and review to stay up-to-date with EU and FDA regulations.

Apart from being an important commercial species, Tuna play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the marine food chain. As responsible Tuna exporters, we prioritize sustainable fishing practices to preserve the ocean environment for generations to come.

Common Name Yellowfin Tuna
Scientific Name Thunnus albacares

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