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Green Tea

Green Tea

Finely balanced richness, flavour, strength and aroma for the perfect tea. Premium tea perfect for everyday drinking from the central highlands of Sri Lanka, reputed for its brightness and medium strength. Introduces tea lovers to the romance of real Ceylon tea.

Available Formats

  • String & Tag Bags
  • Foil Wrapped Bags
  • Pot Bags/ Tag less Bags
  • Available in Bulk Food Service packs
  • Individually Paper Wrapped Bags
  • Loose Leaf Tea

This Celon black tea which has a stronger flavor and is more oxidized than regular oolongs, green teas or white teas. It is popular around the world for its refreshing taste and aroma. Both of which can vary depending on the blend of tea created by the professionals in the industry. All tea comes from the plant known scientifically as Camellia Sinensis and various leaves are plucked by hand. The duration of rolling the leaves depends on the size of the leaf. The process begins the fermentation process and when it’s ready for fermentation the rolling is stopped. After this in order to stop the fermentation process the cooled leaves are blow dried until the leaves turn black. Sifting them in the final process to separate the various graded.

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