In over one hundred and fifty years, the name Ceylon had become synonymous with the world’s finest tea. In the world’s eye and tongue, Ceylon was tea and tea was Ceylon.

"The legendary lion of the Sri Lankan flag was introduced to the Ceylon Tea logo, to guard this commitment – the symbol of quality."

The production of tea requires great care and craftsmanship. The freshly plucked leaves are carefully and gently processed every step of the way. This is labor intensive, time consuming and, as a result, expensive, but this is the only way that all the delicacy of the aroma and the typical character of the tea plant can be passed on to the finished tea. 

The company produce almost all the types of tea bags used all over the world such as Round Pot, Pyramid, String & Tag with/without envelopes, Iced Tea Bags, Spa Bags, Universal Pot bags etc. These tea bags are packed in elegant presentations of Tins, Inner Cartons and Wooden Boxes. In addition to these bulk tea and loose tea packs (BOP, OP, Pek, FBOPF, BP1, Dust etc.) are included in our product range.